Application Instructions


  1. Take the GRE
  2. Have ETS send your official scores to GSU (using code 5251)
  3. Create an account with PTCAS
  4. Have all official transcripts sent to PTCAS
  5. Complete the PTCAS application
  6. Submit fees to PTCAS
  7. Create a profile for the GSU Graduate application
  8. Complete the GSU Graduate application
  9. Submit the $50 electronically, when you submit the GSU Graduate application online


An application is complete when:

  • At least (1) set of GRE scores received
    GRE scores and transcripts take the longest time to be received and processed. When deciding when to take the GRE test and/or when to order and submit your transcript(s), please take this into account.
  • GSU Graduate application received
  • PTCAS application is complete & verified
  • All official transcripts received by PTCAS

Application Deadline