PT Class of 1975 Celebrates 40th Reunion

On a gorgeous weekend in late August, 17 students from the Ga. State Physical Therapy program Class of program came to together to catch up on what has been happening in both their personal and professional lives. Many were surprised to find that they were all still working in the health care field and loving the career path they had chosen.

PT reunion with Dr. ButlerThe great reunion kicked off at Stone Mountain’s Evergreen Resort Friday night with guest Dr. Andy Butler, acting chair of the Department of Physical Therapy and associate dean, sharing how the university and the program has grown over the years. Several of our classmates — Debbie Popielarczyk, Pat Flemming, David Israel, Rebecca Crouch and others have even taught at PT schools while many others accepted students in clinical internships over the years.

Saturday we all had fun with our former classmates and many picked up as if time had not separated us. Some of us hiked, others enjoyed the Duck  boat– quacker and all, and others just took time to enjoy a meal with friends.

PT class reunion Duck TourWe all agreed at our Sunday brunch that we have been blessed to have graduated from Georgia State and to have been called into a career that gives so  much back to all we serve. In keeping with the spirit of giving back,  our class is launching an inaugural Georgia State PT alumni scholarship fund with a  challenge of raising  $75,000 in five years in order fund three annual $1,000 scholarships. We hope to begin offering the first  scholarship after we raise  $25,000. We encourage other alumni classes to join us in this effort. Many of us  were blessed to receive financial aid that helped us and now is our time  to give back.

Those who attended the 40th reunion shown in large group photo:
Front row left to right — Brenda Wynn, Cheryl Gray, Beth Cayce, Pat Flemming, Myrtice Atrice, Debbie Popielarczyk, Nancy Righi, and Rebecca Crouch Back row left to right — Iris Morris, P.J. Phelps, Vicki Watson, Chuck Heidt, Sally Oxley, Deedra Leach, and Carla Rob