Frequently Asked Questions

Georgia State University offers a clinical entry-level doctorate in physical therapy. Upon completion, graduates are eligible to take the national licensure exam. Students are accepted into the program once a year to begin the program in summer semester. We use a self-managed graduate application process.  It is your responsibility to submit all materials in enough advance. Certain components have to be verified and processed, and these processes take time.  Admission decisions are based on materials and coursework completed at the time of application.  Your application packet must be received and verified by the deadline.

  • Complete the entire PTCAS application and pay their subsequent fee(s)
  • Complete the Graduate application and pay $50 electronically – the new link is
  • Send your sealed official transcript(s) to PTCAS – Please only send transcripts to GSU if you are completing prerequisite courses and/or your Bachelor’s degree the Spring semester before the program start date
  • Have ETS send your GRE scores electronically to GSU (code 5251)
You may check the status of your application online by choosing “Admissions Status” at Please allow three weeks after submitting your application to check its status. If you are unable to access your application status, please contact the Office of Academic Assistance.
2015-2016 Class Averages 

  • Overall GPA-3.7036
  • GRE Quant- 155
  • GRE Verbal- 155.2
  • GRE Analytical- 4.26
  • Prerequisite GPA- 3.688

2016-2017 Class Averages

  • Overall GPA- 3.74
  • GRE Quant- 156
  • GRE Verbal- 157
  • GRE Analytical- 4.31
  • Prerequisite GPA- 3.7466

2017-2018 Class Averages

  • Overall GPA: 3.734761905
  • GRE Quant: 155.2
  • GRE Verbal: 155.4
  • GRE Analytical: 4.167
  • Prerequisite GPA: 3.6936

2018-2019 Class Averages

  • Overall GPA-3.623182
  • GRE Quant-154.8864
  • GRE Verbal-154.2955
  • GRE Analytical-4.306818
  • Prerequisite GPA-3.549091
Georgia State’s Doctor of Physical Therapy program uses PTCAS to receive transcripts and to calculate GPA. Please be aware that all coursework and grades that an applicant wants to be considered need to be included on the transcript(s) sent to PTCAS at the time of application submission. PTCAS does not re-verify coursework or grades submitted after an application is submitted until the Fall Academic Update. Example: Applicants submitting their applications under early decision submit early (before summer grades are typically released). Any coursework completed after an application is submitted will not be considered, as it won’t be verified by PTCAS.

We begin accepting applications early July. Please note the admission deadlines. Your application must be complete and verified by the appropriate deadline. Contact the Office of Academic Assistance (404-413-1000) or for information.

The Admissions Committee. After your file is deemed complete by the Office of Academic Assistance, it is forwarded to the committee for review and a final decision.
The admissions timeline is a guideline. In any given year the schedule may have to be adjusted.
Yes. Two letters of recommendation are required. One letter must be from a licensed physical therapist. The other letter should be from someone who knows the applicant professionally or academically. You will include your recommendations when you complete your PTCAS application.

To apply to a graduate program in the Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions, you may complete the application online.
Admission into the Doctor of Physical Therapy program (DPT) is very competitive.Factors considered for admission include completion of a bachelor's degree and program prerequisites, academic performance, Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores, knowledge of the physical therapy profession, and a personal interview. The DPT curriculum of Georgia State University demands rigorous scholarly effort. We welcome students with different strengths and backgrounds to the program.
No. Your bachelor’s degree must be completed prior to entrance into the DPT program.
The full-time DPT program takes three years to complete.
Because studies show that undergraduate GPA and GRE scores(s) strongly predict the level of a student's performance in the first year of physical therapy study, both are significant factors in admissions decisions. However, your entire file, including your Doctor of Physical Therapy application and your personal statement is carefully reviewed by each committee member.
You may visit the Georgia State University Testing Center for preparation for the Graduate Record Examination.
We will use the highest score earned in each section of the GRE. For example, if your verbal test score was 153 on your first attempt and 147 on your second attempt, we will use the first score when ranking your application.
Six of the nine prerequisites must be completed by the appropriate deadline. All nine must be completed before the start of the DPT program in June. Students seeking admission require a strong science background. Students who wish to complete or update prerequisites at Georgia State University can apply through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for post baccalaureate status. With this undergraduate status, a student who has received a bachelor’s degree can complete the required prerequisites. It is not required that you attend Georgia State University to complete the prerequisites. You may attend any four or two year accredited institution.

 No, GRA positions are not offered during a student’s first few semesters (refer to the Student Handbook).
Yes. However, five of the nine prerequisites must be completed at the time you apply. You should submit a Prerequisite Form (included in application materials) outlining when and where you will complete any remaining required prerequisites prior to beginning the program in June.

No. We don't accept any credit hours from other programs. A student in this situation, would have to apply like the rest of the incoming applicants.  ***Foreign trained PTs must also apply as new incoming students as GSU does not offer a “bridge” program or offer courses to satisfy the state board exam.
The purpose of volunteer hours is to familiarize you with the depth and breadth of physical therapy practice. Eighty hours of volunteer or paid experience in two physical therapy patient care settings is required (i.e. inpatient rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, acute care, geriatrics, pediatrics, home health care, or orthopedics). The hours may be split in any combination provided a minimum of 20 hours is spent in each setting. The two experiences may be in one facility; for example, a large health care facility with outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation. A minimum of 40 hours must be completed prior to submitting your application. Observation hours must be observed under a licensed physical therapist.
No. The Admissions Committee considers each student's credentials regardless of residence.
A limited number of graduate assistantships are available for qualified candidates.

Additional scholarships are available at:

Housing is available for graduate students. The University Lofts are located at 135 Edgewood Avenue, adjacent to Alumni Hall, in the center of campus. Registration and deposits cannot be made until an applicant has been accepted as a graduate student in the Department of Physical Therapy.