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PT-Practice-Clinic-5 Outpatient Physical Therapy Faculty Practice


The Georgia State University Physical Therapy and Wellness Clinic offers expert physical therapy consultations, evaluations, and interventions to anyone with accepted insurance plans for musculoskeletal and neuromusculoskeletal problems impacting function. We offer an array of specialized services including computerized gait analysis.  We also have clinicians certified in dry needling and manual therapy techniques including manipulation.  Our providers are certified specialists in orthopedics, sports, neurology, pediatrics, and geriatrics. Many of our providers specialize in working with patients with musculoskeletal injuries of the extremities, spine problems, chronic pain, injured athletes, injured workers, and patients with neurological insults and degenerative conditions. Practice providers also perform gait evaluations. All providers adhere to the Ethical Code of Conduct and Standards of Practice of the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and to GSU bylaws, and conform to the scope of practice and licensure laws and regulations for physical therapy practice in Georgia.

Patients may access therapy services by referral from another health provider (usually a physician).

To make an appointment, please contact Amanda Stillings; astillings@gsu.edu

Physical Address

Georgia State University Physical Therapy and Wellness Clinic
55 Park Place
Suite 950
Atlanta, GA 30303

Services Provided

In each therapy discipline, we provide consultation, evaluation, intervention and patient/family education to resolve identified impairments and to maximize patients’ physical function. The range of services provided includes consultation, patient evaluation, treatment planning, and physical therapy interventions.
If the initial evaluation findings are consistent with the pre-existing or referring diagnosis, treatment goals are established and a treatment plan is designed and initiated with the consent of the patient. If not, the therapist will consult the referring physician prior to initiating therapy. Achievement of goals is the primary method utilized by therapists to assess effectiveness of therapeutic intervention.PT-Practice-clinic-1

Other Available Services

We offer an array of specialized services including computerized gait analysis.