Biomechanics and Motor Control Laboratory

The Biomechanics and Motor Control Laboratory in the Department of Physical Therapy at GSU is a 3000 sq. ft. facility dedicated to the investigation of human movements associated with neuromuscular injuries and disorders with the goal of developing effective interventions and improving quality of life for patient populations, including individuals with cerebral palsy, ACL injury, knee osteoarthritis, or other lower extremity disorders.

Our laboratory collaborates with Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and Children’s Health Care of Atlanta and is equipped with the expertise and state of the art technology to test hypotheses related to the kinetics, kinematics, and neuromuscular motor control strategies associated with normal and pathological human movements. The key equipment and resources of the BMCL at GSU are as follows:

  • A 9-camera (T-series) Vicon motion capture system
  • Two AMTI Optima force platforms
  • Delsys wireless (16 IMU sensors) and wired EMG systems
  • A Kin-Com dynamometer
  • Portable ultrasound imaging units
  • A GAITRite portable gait analysis system
  • An 8-sensor APDM Mobility Lab system
  • High-performance workstations and software

We are currently recruiting individuals with cerebral palsy or ACL tears to participate in our research projects. If interested, please contact Dr. Chen (for cerebral palsy study) or Dr. Tsai (for ACL tears) for more details.